The Mysteries of Attraction

Why do we get so attached?…

to the things and people we know aren’t that good for us?

My answer…it’s because when you feel an emptiness inside you,

you cant help but use those things and people…to replace or even fix

the damages….

I always wondered why do opposites attract? 

Is it because you need someone or something (sometimes) who knows

how to fix or solve the emptiness?

Yeah… that works. :)

"Do you wanna see this world as ugly, or beautiful?
Wanna know what I think?
Well go fuck yourself! This is my poem
And I think the universe is great
It’s like God just chucked a bunch of candy into space
And Earth is a jawbreaker
So it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the biggest mouth
You can’t just chew the world up and spit it out
You’ve gotta savor it
From the grandest to the blandest nook and cranny
Every crooked alley, every mountain, brook, and valley
From Candyland to Cali
That’s been stamped by Rand McNally
Ordinary is outstanding!
So don’t be impressed by mere miracles"

George Watsky (via mallorychacon)